mens diamond rings

Designing mens Diamond rings – the Crock ring

Animals and animal skin patterns have inspired jewellers from around the world for centuries. The most iconic animal is probably Cartier’s panther which first leaped into the world in 1914.
We love the texture of crocodile skin and being Queenslanders, what better animal to explore?
The initial design of these mens Diamond rings was a quick sketch drawn with a pencil. The idea was taken to our 3D computer designer, where each pattern in the skin was drawn and carefully replicated keeping the look identical to the actual crocodile skin.
Crock ring in makingA few prototypes were made, but drawing a ring is one thing and making it functional is another. After a few rings and many improvements the final crock ring was created with the ideal width, thickness, diamond setting and the perfect comfort fit.

The ring is made from 3 rings which are soldered together. The whole idea is to give our customers an option to customize their piece. So if you love yellow and white gold, or rose and white gold, or just one colour, it is entirely up to you.

You can take your customization to another level and change white Diamonds to black, or request Sapphires to achieve completely unique piece.

This ring has by far the widest band in our collection, but it is also the most comfortable to wear!