rustic diamond

Rustic Diamond – rose cut Diamond

Our latest collections explore the natural beauty of the Rustic Diamond. Available in many shapes and number of facets and extensive colour range, each Rustic Diamond sparkles with unique personality. Resembling rose cut Diamonds due to their cut (flat bottom and faceted top), these relatively new Diamonds are becoming very popular with brides and fine… Read more »

Pink Diamond

Argyle Pink Diamond is the most sought after natural fancy coloured Diamond. The Kimberley Argyle Diamond mine is situated in the far north of Western Australia and produces about 90{84b442fd848ee3f253b7f95450eade08af8564920cf95f3d68a4b0e197108243} of all pink Diamonds in the world. The mine is one of the most technologically advanced mines in the world and should be opened until… Read more »