Finding your ring size

We strongly recommend to get your finger size measured by your local jeweller. Finding your ring size can be tricky and the best possible time is afternoon or early evening (once your hands are warm), as finger sizes are prone to slight change (with exercise, temperature, time of the day, pregnancy etc.) Your dominant hand will also usually be 1/2 size larger.

Jewellers use different methods of measuring a ring size (like Leading edge or Centre line method), we use the Centre line method for narrow bands and Leading edge for wide bands to get the perfect fit. Keep in mind that the wider the band the tighter it will feel, so please allow for that by going up approximately 1/2 to one size.



We offer a complimentary plastic ring sizer, to request one please email us on or call us.

If you are having trouble with measuring your finger size, please phone us and we will gladly assist you.