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Sometimes small changes to your jewellery design can result in a vital practical or visual improvement, making you fall in love with your unworn or unloved jewellery all over again.

Cheaper alternative

We provide jewellery alterations as a cheaper alternative to remodeling.  Sometimes small alterations to a piece of jewellery can be enough to change the design instead of remodeling it. If you are located out of Brisbane, please email us some images of your jewellery and what work you would like to have done. We will do our best to give you an idea on cost, but to be accurate in quoting, we would like to see your jewellery in person if possible, as photographs don’t show us all the details.

For the look or practicality

We perform many jewellery alterations purely for the look of the jewellery, but many customers come to us with practical issues. If you are wearing a ring with high setting and you are constantly bumping it, lowering the stone will help with that problem. You may have inherited a ring which has scuffed stones or you don’t like the way it is set. We can change the style of claws and re-polish the gemstone or replace it with a new one.

Our advice

If your jewellery is very badly worn and we are unable to work with it, our jewellers will give you honest advice, so you can make a decision if you want it remodelled into a new piece.

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We have put together some questions we get asked most frequently, but if your answer isn’t here, please get in touch, we would love to help you.

My stones are scuffed and chipped, can you help me?

Depending on the extend of the damage and the sentimental value against the cost of re-polishing or replacement, we can certainly have your stones re-polished. 
In this example we have re-polished this Tanzanite and repaired the setting. 

I have an eczema from my ring, can you do anything to help?

Not all rings can be altered like this ring where we have added a sleeve. In most cases, as you wear your jewellery the edges of the ring can become sharp over time and cause irritation. We can emery and polish your ring and remove the sharpness. Some irritation can be caused from water (constant hand washing) and we see an increase during the summer months.

I am bumping the setting on my ring, can anything be done?

In this case we have lowered the setting to protect the girdle of the stone from being easily chipped.
It depends on the design of your ring. In some cases we can lower the stone in the setting or alter the setting style completely to protect your stone. Our jewellers will advise you so you can make the right decision.

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