Black Diamond Sapphire gents ring



Black Diamond Sapphire gents ring with channel set Sapphires (0.75ct) with split claw set Diamonds (0.90ct). This ring is custom made so please allow 15 working days for your piece to be completed. 



Metal: 9ct white gold
Max width (top of ring): 8.00mm
Min width (band): 7.30mm
Total weight: 9.70g

Australian Blue Sapphire
15 = 0.75ct
Size: 2.00mm
Cut: princess cut
Colour: medium to deep blue
Clarity: eye clean

30 = 0.90 carat
Cut: round brilliant
Colour: black

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About Sapphire

Sapphire is the birthstone of September
As the second hardest gemstone (Hardness 9 on Moh scale) Sapphires are extremely popular and suitable in everyday jewellery, especially engagement and wedding rings.
Sapphire is the symbol of trust, loyalty and protection. Loved by the kings and queens over the centuries and available in so many different colours, except for red of course, as the stone would be classified as a ruby. The most famous Sapphire was Princess Dianna’s 12 carat blue Sapphire engagement ring which was later given to Kate Middleton by Prince William.

Sapphire is our favourite choice of precious stone for custom made engagement and wedding rings, we craft right here in Brisbane. We have featured many designs in our blog and love their colour variances. From white, yellow, peach, pink, purple, blue or green, you are bound to find the one!

Australian Blue Sapphire was first discovered in New South Wales over 150 years ago and ranges from deep royal blue to steel blue through to black. Best deposits are in Inverell/Kings Plains region of NSW.