Citrine vintage style engraved pendant


Citrine (1.35 carat) in 9K yellow gold

Citrine vintage style engraved pendant with claw set Citrine.

Metal: 9ct yellow gold
Max width: 14.30mm
Max height: 37.80mm
Total weight: 2.40g

2 = 1.35ct
Size: 7.00 x 5.00mm
Shape: faceted pear
Colour: orange
Clarity: eye clean

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Citrine (hardness 7), is the birthstone of November and is the yellow variety of quartz. Colours vary from pale yellow, lemon yellow, to deep shades of orange or reddish brown.

Natural untreated Citrine is much rarer than other quartz (like Amethyst and Smoky Quartz) and it’s found in pale yellow colour.
Most Citrine available today is a result of heat treated purple Amethyst, which produces golden shades of Citrine. The original hue of Amethyst before heat treatment will determine the colour of the Citrine.

Natural Citrine may have started out as Amethyst and the exposure to magmatic heat would have changed the gem’s colour.
Ametrine is the perfect example. Part of the gem is yellow and the other part is purple (Amethyst and Citrine in one).

Citrine is one of the most popular yellow gems due to affordability, as Yellow Sapphire, Golden Beryl, Imperial Topaz and yellow Diamonds are a lot more valuable.

Citrine jewellery can be safely cleaned with warm soapy water. Avoid extreme changes of temperature, as they can cause for the gem to fracture and avoid chemicals.

For more interesting information on Citrine, go to GIA – Gemological Institute of America



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