Natural Ruby pave Ring


Thai Ruby (0.50 carat) and pave set Burmese Rubies (1.36 carats) in 18K rose and white gold.

Natural Ruby pave ring, with 136 Burmese Rubies and centre Thai Ruby.

Metal: 18ct rose and white gold
Max width (top of ring): 16.30mm
Min width (band): 3.47mm
Total weight: 10.27g

Thai Ruby
1 = 0.50 carat (approx. 4.50mm)
Cut: round
Colour: deep red
Clarity: eye clean

Burmese Rubies
136 = 1.36ct (approx. 1.30 – 1.50mm)
Cut: round
Colour: pink to red
Clarity: eye clean

This ring is in stock in size M 1/2 and is ready for immediate shipping. If your finger size is smaller or larger than this, we will custom make a new ring with similar Rubies, or you can contact us with your preferred colour and we will source the stones for you.

Ruby is the birthstone of July. Named after its colour (Latin Rubeus), it is the second hardest mineral (after Diamond) and very suitable for use in engagement rings and every day jewellery pieces. Ruby is the red variety of the mineral Corundum and all other colours of Corundum are known as Sapphires. Important deposits are found in Thailand, Burma and Sri Lanka. For more information on this gemstone, go to GIA – Gemological Institute of America



Price: AU$5,800.00