Oval Garnet Diamond Ring



The perfect showpiece to any occasion, this oval Garnet Diamond ring is surrounded with sparkling round brilliants.

Mozambique Garnet weighing over 4 carat (details below) in an elegant four claw setting, crafted in 18ct yellow gold with a detailed under basket.
We have crafted this ring in size N but if your finger size is different, we can resize it (approximately 3 sizes up or down).


Metal: 18ct yellow gold
Max width (top of ring): 15.45mm
Min width (band): 2.00mm
Total weight: 7.23g

Mozambique Almandine Garnet
1 = 4.25ct
Cut: oval
Colour: deep red orange
Clarity: eye clean

30 = 0.84ct
Cut: Round Brilliant
Colour: F
Clarity: VS1

Garnet is the birthstone of January.
Almandine Garnet (harness 7-7.5) is the hardest form of Garnet, forming dark red to reddish brown gemstones.For more information on Almandine Garnet and other Garnet varieties, go to GIA – Gemological Institute of America


About Garnet


Almandine Garnet Care

The hardness of each gemstone is measured by Mohs scale (0-10). It determines the characteristics, durability and care needed, when wearing these gems. Almandine Garnet (harness 7-7.5) is the hardest form of Garnet. It is a great stone for any dress ring, but the larger stones need a little more care, as they are prone to be bumped due to their size.

Most gemstones will scuff over time with every day wear and over many years will need to be re-polished. We strongly recommend to remove your ring before doing any heavy work like gym or gardening, where you could chip or scratch your gemstone. You will get to enjoy your ring for many years to come without spending money on repairing it.

Cleaning most gemstones at home is safe, but always follow the instructions if you are using the sonic. All jewellery from our range is always free to clean in our boutique workshop. We recommend checking and cleaning your jewellery about once per year and our jewellers will advise you on the condition of your piece and if any additional work needs to be done.

We recommend to use warm soapy water and very soft toothbrush if you clean your Garnet jewellery at home. Leave the ring to soak and then gently clean the underside of the setting, where the dirt builds up. Rinse in clean water, wipe dry with soft tissue and finish with a polishing cloth.

Household bleach can damage most gemstones, but also discolour your gold, please avoid contact with any harsh chemicals.
Store your jewellery in a separate box or pouch to prevent your jewellery from scratching on each other.