Rhodolite vintage style engraved pendant


Rhodolite garnet (1.75 carat) in 9K rose gold

Rhodolite vintage style engraved pendant with claw set Rhodolite.

Metal: 9ct rose gold
Max width: 14.30mm
Max height: 37.80mm
Total weight: 2.55g

Rhodolite Garnet
2 = 1.75ct
Size: 7.00 x 5.00mm
Shape: faceted pear
Colour: purple
Clarity: eye clean

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Garnet is the birthstone of January.

Rhodolite Garnet (harness 7-7.5) varies from pale rose red with hints of purple to deep grape purple colours. Due to its beautiful colour, Rhodolite is very popular choice for jewellery. Important deposits are in Sri Lanka, USA and Tanzania.

For more interesting information on Rhodolite, go to GIA – Gemological Institute of America



Price: AU$380.00