Jewellery alterations

Small alterations to a piece of jewellery can be enough to change the design to give it new life or make it more wearable.

Changing the claws, adding diamonds or rhodium plating sections of a ring can significantly change the look.


When you bring your jewellery to us, our jewellers will examine the piece and suggest the best options and costs.

Some jewellery is so badly worn, that remaking it may be the only option.



Many ring styles (especially in 60’s and 70’s) had high settings which tend to get caught on clothes. Lowering or changing the style of the setting can bring the design to more modern and practical look.

In some cases more complex alterations include adding a sleeve to an existing hollowed out rings to help with eczema. This may not be applicable to all hollow rings, as some may not handle the heat while soldering.


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