Jewellery cleaning and polishing

The turnaround for jewellery cleaning service is within the same day, but with a prior arrangement we can check and clean your jewellery while you wait.

To keep your jewellery looking its best we recommend professional jewellery cleaning and polishing about once per year. It also depends on the style of make and how often you wear it.

Full circle Diamond set wedding bands should be checked every six to twelve months to prevent loss of stones.

Our experienced jewellers will check your jewellery for any loose stones and then clean and polish your piece to its original shine. The final clean is in the ultrasonic and steam clean to ensure every stone is sparking and like brand new.

If your piece requires any work, like damaged or worn claws, loose stones or cracks in your ring, we will notify you before we commence any work.

Did you have an accident with your jewellery?

Let our jewellers check it over, to make sure any of your claws on the setting aren’t loose. If your ring is catching on your clothes and you find any sharp claws, it means they have lifted and your stones may not be safe.