Jewellery repairs

Our jewellery boutique offers in-house same day repairs and you can speak to our jewellers directly.

With many years of experience in the trade and our past in the antique jewellery reproduction, we can restore most art deco or vintage jewellery pieces to their original beauty, depending on their condition.

Any jewellery which can no longer be restored due to its wear can be recreated.

Our Jewellery Repairs include

Gemstone and diamond replacement

Loss of a stone is usually associated with a damaged setting or a broken claw. We recommend regular check of your jewellery which is free of charge, so pop in and let us inspect the condition of your jewellery. We will advise you if any work is needed, so you will have a piece of mind. If your jewellery is catching on clothes it could mean that your claw is lifted, stop wearing your ring and have us inspect it before you could loose your stone.

Ring re-shaping

If you have an accident and the result is a squashed or stretched ring, carefully remove it if possible and check your settings. If you are unable to remove the ring come and see us or in urgent cases go to emergency.

In most cases we should be able to repair it to its original shape, but it depends on the extent of the damage.

Gemstone re-polishing or re-cutting

Due to the nature and hardness of gemstones, many end up with scratches of scuff marks over time.
We offer gem re-polishing and re-cutting and our experienced jewellers will give you advise if re-polishing is better option than replacing the stone.
Some lower cost gemstones may be cheaper to replace, than re-polish unless they have a sentimental value to you.


Millgrain and re-engraving details

Over time fine details like millgrain, brushed finish or engraving on your rings may start wearing off. When you bring your jewellery to us for a service, we will restore your rings to their original look.

Rhodium plating

White gold jewellery requires periodical rhodium plating, to keep it looking flawlessly white. With every day wear, your plating will wear off and it will be mostly noticeable on the bottom of your band.

It is up to you how often you have your rings re-plated, but we recommend once per year or 18 months depending on how often you wear your rings. If you are unsure, come in and we will advise you if your rings are due to be plated. Sometimes our ultrasonic and steam pressure cleaner is enough to keep them looking new.

Before we rhodium plate your rings, we check all your stones, tighten them if necessary and polish them. Any deep scratches will be removed with emery, but depending on the depth, we may not be able to remove them completely.
Many of our clients ask if rhodium plating and polishing removes gold from the ring. The simple answer is yes, but we are talking about microns, which is negligible. Our experienced jewellers will emery and polish your rings with care.

Our aim is to preserve your ring to make it last as many years as possible.

We will advise you if any additional work is necessary due to wear and tear before we commence servicing your ring.

Ring re-shanking

Replacing a section of a worn out band on a ring is called re-shanking. We offer a quarter, half or full re-shank, depending on each ring.
Our jewellers will give you honest advise on what your ring needs and explain the reasons behind it.

Re-tips (claw replacement or build up on stone settings)

Over time, the claws on your settings may wear down. Usually the most exposed are the outer claws and the claws on the highest settings. We offer full claw re-tips, or building up of claws. Each ring is different and it also depends on how badly the claws are worn. Our jewellers will examine your jewellery and advise you if any work needs to be done.

Some of our other service include:


Chain and bracelet repairs

Ring re-sizing

Soldering rings together or separating them

Soldering charms to bracelets

Replacement of settings in rings

Supply and fitting of clasps on chains and bracelets

Earring and pendant repairs

and many more