Terms & Conditions

We are very confident in the quality of the jewellery we manufacture and offer lifetime warranty on manufacturing faults. This warranty doesn’t include regular wear and tear, mishandling or abusive use.

We will not take responsibility on defects, loss of stones or any other faults if the jewellery item has been altered in any way by another jeweller.
We recommend that our clients bring their jewellery back to our workshop at least once per year to have it checked and cleaned by our jewellers, to ensure the piece stays in peak condition. All jewellery valued at $3000.00 or greater comes with a 1 year worldwide insurance cover.

Service & After you buy
All jewellery will lose its shine and suffer from wear and tear with time and become dull. We provide professional ongoing service and maintenance on your BDL jewels.
Once our jewellers have assessed your piece and work out what maintenance needs to be done, we will advise you of the cost. We offer special customer loyalty price on repairs and maintenance on all BDL items (full check, tightening of stones, cleaning, polishing and Rhodium plating) and repairs that may need to be performed like resizing, re-tipping of worn claws (to prevent loss of your stones) or replacing of worn out bands (shanks).
All maintenance is done in-house by our highly qualified jewellers.

Bentley De Lisle strives to feature every gemstone and jewellery piece as true to their natural colour as possible. Due to variations of computer/individual device screens, slight variations in colour may occur. Some products featured on our website are not the exact piece our customers will receive, so please expect slight colour difference in certain gemstones.
All BDL gemstones are natural, not synthetic and therefore are prone to slight differences in colour in each individual stone.

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All prices on the Bentley De Lisle website are in AUD and are subject to change without notice.

All personal information submitted by our customers is a confidential property of Bentley De Lisle and will not be sold or given to a third party under any circumstances.