Art Deco Collection

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with love

Crafted right here in Brisbane

There is nothing like the elegance of Art Deco  jewellery and our collection of Art Deco rings, which are crafted right here in Brisbane reflects our passion for this style. We are constantly on the hunt for exotic gems from Australia and all around the world and we love crafting unique one of a kind pieces with them. Our Paddington jewellery boutique with an in-house workshop is where the magic happens.  


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Do you have your own design in mind?

Let us custom make it

Every custom design starts with a gem

We have a bit of an obsession with coloured gems and we are on a constant hunt for these beauties. Engagement rings with precious and semi precious coloured gems are on the rise, so if your heart desires a colour instead of a white Diamond, come in to our jewellery boutique and see them in person.

Our collection changes all the time and we don’t always get the chance to upload every stone, so please let us know what stone you are after and if we don’t have it, we would love to source it for you. 

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Our customers love


The service and advice with remodelling my jewellery and my recent completely new piece will be difficult to find anywhere.. Thank you so much for pieces of jewellery that will be with me forever! 



I have long wanted a ruby ring and now I have one….. a beautiful Art Deco style one set with diamonds.
And I wear it with pleasure.
The friendly David and Tereza and team at Bentley De Lisle made my dream a reality.



“The sheer beauty, elegance, thoughtfulness but also superb individual jewellery manufacturing expertise has outdone anything I have ever come across.



“I just wanted to write and say thank you for doing such an amazing job with the clasp for my mum’s pearls. It was everything I imagined it to be and looks stunning.