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Our small selection of engagement rings change all the time. We specialize in custom made engagement rings but if you like a ring in this collection, or ring with different stones or Diamonds from this collection, we can recreate it to your specifications. 
For your very own custom design get in touch with us, so we can help you get started.

Go custom?

Do you want to take the adventurous approach and have us craft your unique ring for the love of your life in 15 working days or less? We can help you from the very beginning of the design, all the way to the finished beautiful ring in a gorgeous ring box, while working with your budget. 

How it works

The design and stones

Bring your own ideas or let us help you design the perfect engagement ring. Sit down with our jewellers and discuss the design, metals, stones and your budget over a nice cup of coffee.

We will source a selection of Diamonds or gemstones for you to choose from and present you with a quote. You may already have a stone to create the new design and we are more than happy to create your ring.

3D drawing

Once you are happy with the concept of your ring and selected the Diamond or gemstone you like, our drawer will draw your engagement ring in 3D, with the dimensions of all stones and Diamonds to scale. The 3D technology allows you to see all the details of your new design, in an over sized rendered image, before we commence making the ring. This is also a good time to talk about any small changes to the design.  

Crafting your ring

Your engagement ring will pass through several hands of our drawers, jewellers and setters.
We can share the images of the process with you to make it more exciting, or you can pop in and see the ring while we are crafting it in different stages.

Our turnaround is within 15 working days, 
but we will work with you if you have a tight deadline.

Collection and aftercare

Your sparkly engagement ring will be ready for collection in a beautiful box, ready for the proposal.
Our service is free for life, so you can bring it back anytime (we recommend once per year) so we can check all settings, clean, polish and if necessary rhodium plate your ring.

We can organize insurance with Q Report before you leave, so your ring is insured straight away. If you have your own insurance organized, we will provide a valuation certificate.


Custom made Diamond engagement rings

Argyle Pink Diamonds

Ballerina style in 18K

Pear Diamond two tone

Marquise solitaire

Diamond Trilogy

Princess solitaire

Two tone solitaire

Yellow Diamond double halo

Four claw solitaire

Pear triple cluster

Bezel set cluster

Six claw solitaire

Custom made Sapphire engagement rings

Ceylon Blue Sapphire


Ceylon Yellow Sapphire

Australian Parti Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire

Australian Sapphire

Sapphire and Diamond

Australian Sapphire

Padparadscha Sapphire

Custom made Vintage style engagement rings

Argyle champagne Diamond Art Deco

Parti Sapphire & Argyle white Diamonds

Diamond Edwardian style

Australian Sapphire

Ceylon Blue Sapphire

Art Deco style

Sapphire Art Deco style

Opal and Diamonds

Is a custom made engagement ring more expensive?

To answer this question in the most simple way, the cost of each engagement ring is based on the cost of diamonds and/or gemstones, metal and labour (craftsmanship).

Who will craft your ring?

The important decision you need to make is which jeweller / company you are comfortable to spend your money with and what are the benefits.
There are so many choices (small local jeweller, large jewellery chains or buying overseas.) Being a small jeweller we will always be a bit bias, but our advice to you is to do your homework first and check out all the benefits for each option.

Local or overseas?

Like buying a car, going to someone you feel comfortable with and can trust is very important. Your engagement ring will need a regular service (checking, cleaning, polishing and rhodium plating if you choose white gold.)
If you get your ring from overseas and have any issues (stone falling out etc), can you return it to the supplier for any repairs?

So shop around and compare not only the prices, but the service and how you felt in the store. Ask questions, find out if there are any other hidden costs (yearly service of your ring) and are there any limits and stipulations if you have a warranty with your ring. Read reviews and choose your jeweller not just by the price, as you could be saving a few dollars buying the ring, but if the ring is poorly made it may cost you lot more in repairs in the long run.

Make it special

So the answer is no, custom is not always more expensive as you are paying for a quality made product with your input in the design and the choice of your stones, which is the best part of custom making an engagement ring. Your fiancee will absolutely love the effort you have put into it!


What do our couples think?


Why did you go custom and was it scary?

I must admit when I first considered the idea of going with a custom ring I was worried it was going to be a difficult and very expensive way to go, but right from the first meeting I quickly saw the value for money, the attention to detail.

What did you enjoy the most about the process?

The great personal service and having the opportunity to learn about the ring process. Being able to choose the stones, and guide the design on how the ring looks was also very rewarding.

Did you manage to stick to your budget?

I didn’t really have a budget in mind other than I didn’t want the cost to get out of control, but David worked with us and expertly guided us through the best options available within our expectations. I think the result speaks for itself.


Were you surprised that the ring was custom made?

I knew Chris was struggling to find anything he liked in the normal jewellery shops and that he felt that the rings available were very standard.
I didn’t think that he would go custom made as we both through that it was an expensive option and maybe out of our range. 

Did it mean more to you knowing he designed it?

I really love that my ring is custom made. I love knowing that he put a lot of thought into the design and stone selection. The fact that he chose to have our birthstone included really makes it special for the two of us.

Would you recommend it to other couples?

Yes! The whole experience has been nothing but flawless and we would not go anywhere else from now on. 


Why did you go custom and was it scary?

It was exciting, not scary. Custom made has given the ring a more heartfelt personal touch.

What did you enjoy the most about the process?

I really enjoyed going through and working out the best design to suit Michelle.

Did you manage to stick to your budget?

David managed to keep me under budget and also kept me informed of any changes along the way.


Were you surprised that the ring was custom made?

No, I knew that you could’t find anything like this ring in the standard jewellery store, because it was so unique.

Did it mean more to you knowing he designed it?

Yes, as this went beyond being just a ring. The ring became a symbol of how much he loves me by having it designed and custom made especially for me. Knowing that I will be the only one who has this ring makes it extra special.

Would you recommend it to other couples?

Definitely, as the ring becomes more than just a store bought ring, it is a symbol of love and commitment to another.


Why did you go custom and was it scary?

Nothing I could find in all the jewellery stores or online was what I wanted to buy Emily, so I decided to go with a custom made ring. Initially I was a bit worried about it, but it turned out I had nothing to worry about at all.

What did you enjoy the most about the process?

Designing the ring, I saw a ring online that I liked however it lacked a few features that I knew would make it special to Emily, so I bought a picture of it along to the store as a template and we went from there.

Did you manage to stick to your budget?

It actually came in much more under budget than I expected. I thought having a ring custom made would be expensive, but it came out as the same price as if I were to buy a ring from a store. The process was easy, relaxed and most importantly Emily can see my input into the ring. 


Were you surprised that the ring was custom made?

I was very surprised! But I knew almost immediately when I saw it that it must have been custom made. Michael chose a couple of unique details that I immediately recognized as his input.

Did it mean more to you knowing he designed it?

It meant so much to me, knowing that Michael put so much thought into it, ensuring it was the perfect ring for us and our relationship. It shows what it meant to him too.

Would you recommend it to other couples?

I would absolutely recommend it to others. It certainly was a very special component of the proposal and our engagement.

Our happy customers

Parti Sapphire and Diamond engagement ring

“I just wanted to say a big thanks to you both for all the help in designing and creating the perfect ring. She really loved it, especially the local Australian vibe to it.”

Padparadscha Sapphire engagement ring

“I went into to see both Dave and Tereza and was just blown away from the amount of knowledge they had. Even with my specific requirements I had for the ring, it only had made them more excited to find the perfect rock for me. In the end they came back with the completed ring and blew away my expectations. Absolutely gorgeous. It was a long journey to find that perfect hue for the rock, but I couldn’t think of anyone else better to do it with.” 

Diamond solitaire engagement ring

“David, Tereza and the team at Bentley De Lisle are amazing!! The results speak for themselves. David’s ideas, advice and skill produce stunning rings. I was hoping for an engagement ring that would ‘Wow’ my partner and Bentley De Lisle more than delivered. She loves it!”

Parti Sapphire and Diamond engagement ring

“Hi David and team, just wanted to say thank you again for my beautiful ring. it has been on my finger for a week now and I love it. The parti stone you worked so hard to find for me is perfect. It fits beautifully and feels wonderful on. Thank you again.” 
Kylie and Robert

Got questions?

Are coloured stones harder to maintain?

Compared to well cut Diamonds, coloured gemstones will dull off once they get dirty. Regular cleaning (at home or in our jewellery shop) will keep your stones sparkling all the time. Over many years of wear (it will also depend how you treat your ring), all gemstones will scuff and will need re-polishing.
This is an easy process if your stone is claw set, we just simply remove the stone, re-polish and reset it. If your setting is bezel set, the setting will have to be cut to remove the stone without causing any damage. The stone will be re-polished and we will repair the setting and reset the stone.

What is the best metal for an engagement ring?

Platinum or 18 carat gold are mostly used in engagement rings. It is a personal preference in what colour of gold you will choose, but white gold will need to be periodically rhodium plated. We offer free service with all our rings, so you never have to worry about paying for rhodium plating. Platinum is naturally white metal but requires few more steps while being polished to reach its incredible shine.
No matter what metal you choose, every ring will need to be polished and serviced about once per year to 18 months, to stay in its best condition.   

What cut of Diamond is the hardest to keep clean?

Well cut round brilliant Diamonds can be covered in dirt from underneath and still sparkle! Other Diamond cuts like emerald, baguette or asscher, due to their style of cut do not refract light in the same way and therefore can look dull once dirty. These Diamonds just need a little more TLC to keep their sparkle. When you are choosing a specific cut of Diamond, keep this in mind, so you are not disappointed if you have to keep cleaning your ring more often. We offer free cleaning on all our engagement rings as often as you like, so pop in anytime as basic clean only takes few minutes.

Do I need an insurance for my engagement ring?

Same as we insure our cars, your engagement ring should be insured. We recommend jewellery only insurance QReport, due to their amazing policy. To have piece of mind while you are traveling overseas, accidental damage or loss, they have you covered in every instance! Depending on your home and content policy and what you are covered for, comparing your policies is a must. We can organise your jewellery insurance (Q Report) before you collect your precious ring, so you will be leaving our store with confidence. We can also supply a valuation for your home and content policy.

Can I use my own Diamond or gemstone?

Yes, we have used our client’s stones in many designs. Some customers like to have their family hairloom included in the design for sentimental reasons, or they already have a stone which they want to use for their loved one.
Some native cut gemstones can be difficult to use in certain setting styles, but because we have a local gem cutter, we can have your special gem re-cut to perfection if necessary.


We require 20% deposit for all Australian customers and 50% for all overseas customers before commencing any custom made job. The balance of payment will be due on collection, or prior to shipping, but you are welcome to make any payments while your ring is being crafted. We accept paypal payments for overseas customers.

Still have more questions?

We would love to help you, so don’t be shy and get in touch.

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