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Pearl restringing


Do you have a strand of pearls that needs some love and care?

We use only the best quality materials from France and professional and knowledgeable restringing artist. 


Pearl restringing

French silk
We offer pearl restringing on French silk with knotted finish or without knots. It is recommended to string your pearls with knots to protect them from rubbing on each other. The cost is slightly higher, but if your necklace breaks, you are likely to only loose one pearl.
How often?
Pearls should be restrung every two to three years if you wear them often, but it depends on their condition and other circumstances. Living in Queensland’s humidity will deteriorate the silk faster than in dryer climates.
To get the most out of your pearls a very old rule applies “pearls should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off.”  Wiping your pearls with soft cloth regularly will keep their luster. Peals are made from layers of nacre and are similar to our nails,  please avoid perfume and chemicals.


We have put together some questions we get asked most frequently, but if your answer isn’t here, please get in touch, we would love to help you.

My clasp is broken, but the pearl strand is still ok, does my whole strand need to be restrung?

Unfortunately yes, for your pearls to be re-strung properly, a brand new silk is recommended. We have a selection of clasps you can choose from. Pearls should be restrung every two years if you wear them often and especially if you live in our Queensland humidity.  

How long does restringing take?

Depending on our workload at the time, within 7 working days but we can have your pearls ready faster if required. Just ask us when you come in, so we can arrange faster turnaround if necessary.

My baroque pearls are very heavy, will the silk strand be strong enough?

Silk strands come in different gauges and heavy pearls are strung on double strand or the heaviest silk available. We recommend to restring all pearls with knots.