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Q: What is special about a sapphire engagement rings?

Sapphire engagement rings are revered for their exceptional durability and vibrant range of colours, offering a unique and timeless symbol of love and commitment. The variety in colour, cut, and origin make each sapphire ring distinctly beautiful.

Q: How do I choose the right cut for a sapphire engagement ring?

The cut of a stone is the second important decision you will make when choosing your Sapphire, as that will directly influence the design of your engagement ring.
If you are choosing for your fiancé, and you are not sure what she would like, choosing an oval or round cut is the safest as emerald cut or any fancy cuts are of more specific choice

Q: Can I customize my sapphire engagement ring at Bentley De Lisle?

Absolutely! We delight in crafting pieces that are a true reflection of individual tastes and love stories. Our experts are here to guide you through the selection of sapphire, design choices, and customization options to create a piece that’s uniquely yours.

Q: How are sapphires treated?

Many sapphires undergo heat treatment to enhance their clarity by removing the silk (cloudy appearance) from the stones, without altering their colour. At Bentley De Lisle, we do not supply any stones treated with Beryllium, ensuring you receive an authentic and ethical gemstone.

Q: How can I ensure the ethical sourcing of sapphires?

We prioritize ethical mining and responsible sourcing. We work exclusively with long term suppliers who share our values, sourcing our sapphires from reputable locations like Australia, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, and Ethiopia.

Q: Colour

Sapphires are incredible gemstones available in nearly every colour under the sun (except for red) and our first point of attraction to them is their colour. Probably the most interesting are Parti Sapphires (where two or more colours create a spectacular effect, primarily yellow and blue combination, creating green variations.)  

Most of us are familiar with Blue Sapphires, where Australian blue stones are much darker to Ceylon blue (a rich vibrant blue). These Sapphires have been the center piece to countless engagement rings for decades.

Pink Sapphires are definitely gaining popularity, available from pastel pink to rich vibrant hot pinks, but our all time favourite are Padparadscha Sapphires.  

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