Top coloured gems in engagement rings 2019

Colour has been huge in 2019!
There has been a large increase in popularity of coloured stones in engagement rings and after Sapphires (in first place) Aquamarine and Morganite are the runner ups. Both in the Beryl family and equally beautiful; it all depends if you love blue or pink.

Morganite is available in peach and pink, but our selection is mainly pink as these stones are harder to find and our clients love the colour. When you choose a softer gem like Morganite or Aqua, it is important that you understand how to care for it and the pros and cons of owning these gems for your every day jewellery.

The hardness of Morganite is 7.5 – 8, making it less hardy than for example Sapphire, but still hardier than Tourmaline (7 – 7.5) and Tanzanite (6.5 – 7).
Regular cleaning is a must to keep the gems sparkling and like new, as hand creams, hair products and everyday dirt and grime get attached to the bottom of the gem, making it look dull. 

To clean your ring at home just simply put warm water into a cup, add few drops of dishwashing detergent and after a few minutes of soaking, dab the underside with a soft toothbrush (no heavy brushing, just gentle clean), definitely do not use toothpaste or any abrasive materials. Rinse in clean water and finish with a soft paper towel. 
All our rings are serviced for free and our customers are welcome to bring their jewellery in for a clean anytime. 


The price point of Morganite compared to a pink or peach Sapphire is unmatched and that makes this gem an absolute winner if you don’t have a very large budget; allowing you to get a larger stone for a fraction of the price. 
Aquamarine on the other hand, can be much more expensive if the material is a clean, rich blue in colour and beautifully cut. The most desired blue colour is Santa Maria Aquamarine and these stones are incredible. 

Tourmaline is one of our favourite gems and the array of colours this gem is available in is vast, from baby pink, soft green and blue to deep green, red and blue colours. The colour display in bi-colour and tri-colour is such an incredible work of art from our mother nature (where two to three colours are displayed in one gem) most commonly known is Watermelon Tourmaline.

Our favourite green is Chrome Tourmaline pictured above, but our absolute favourite is Indicolite Tourmaline with deep blue hues (first image below). 

Owning a coloured gemstone engagement ring is definitely different from the norm, but before you make this choice it is always good to consider all the pros and cons. 
Coloured gems aren’t as hardy as Diamonds and will be prone to scratching or chipping over time. You will also need to clean it more regularly and at some point in down the track have the stone re-polished and reset, but this could be many years if you look after your ring. 
All of this will depend on the wearer, so if you are not gentle with jewellery, never take it off and wear it to gym and do heavy work, a coloured gemstone is not for you.