How to get the right fit

Getting the correct finger size can be very tricky, especially if you live in Queensland. 
Our fingers fluctuate depending on weather, time of the day, exercise, food/alcohol, and the list keeps going. 

Our TOP 5 tips for yourself

1. The right time: Finger size can fluctuate throughout the day due to temperature, humidity, and physical activity. Avoid getting measured after big night out or workout.

2. Consider seasonal changes: In warmer weather, fingers can swell, while in colder weather they might shrink. Take this into account if you’re measuring your finger size in extreme temperatures.

3. Get a jeweller to size you: Experienced jeweller will give you advice on the best fit, but even though we have been doing this for 30 years, in some cases fingers can fluctuate 1 – 2 sizes, so the fit will never be perfect.
Avoid string or paper measurements as they can be quite inaccurate.

4. Future resizing: Some materials and ring designs are harder to resize than others.  Most people will change finger size (weight gain, pregnancy, injury) always size yourself for now, not for the future as having a ring too loose can cause damage or loss.

5. Consider the knuckle: If you have a larger knuckle, make sure the ring can slide over it comfortably, but isn’t too loose on the base of the finger. Having a ring too tight can cause an injury or irritation when you take your ring on and off.

Sapphire ring

Our TOP 5 tips for your loved one

When surprising your loved one, there is a big chance you may not get it right. Choose a design which can be easily resized and also it is always better to go tiny bit larger, than too small.

1. Borrow a ring: If your partner already wears a ring on the right-hand ring finger, you will be fairly close, as the right hand is often one size larger, than the left if they are right handed. You could offer to have their rings cleaned, just remember which finger the ring belongs to.

2. Ask friends or family: Sometimes, close friends or family members might know their ring size, or they can help you find out without arousing suspicion.

3. Fake gift for someone else: Pretend you’re buying a ring for a relative (like your mother or sister) and ask your partner to try on rings to help you guess the right size.

4. Enlist a confidant: If your partner has a close friend who enjoys jewellery shopping, and you can trust them with your secret, they could invite your partner along under the pretence of seeking advice for their own purchase.

5. Guess and resize later: If all else fails, make an educated guess. Choose a common size (average women’s ring sizes are between K-N in Australia) and ensure the ring can be resized.


Get in touch with us or pop in if you need a professional advice. We would love to help.