Repair or remake it?

When your jewellery reaches a point where you have to make a decision to keep repairing it or to remake it, there are few factors to be considered.

Over the years the metal can wear so thin, that repairing your rings would be a temporary solution and you are risking the loss of your Diamonds or gems. Although repairing your jewellery is much cheaper option, considering a complete jewellery remaking is a long term solution with a brand new piece of jewellery to treasure for the rest of your life.

If you decide to choose remodell your jewellery, the beauty of this process is, that you can stay with the original design, alter it, or change it completely.

Most of our clients reuse their Diamonds & gems from their jewellery and trade in the old pieces as scrap gold with us, which gets refined and therefore recycled.

In this case, the original three rings were handmade, but wore so thin, that setting extra Diamonds into the wedding band couldn’t be guaranteed by us, as the stones didn’t have enough metal to secure them in the setting.

From time to time we get customers coming to us with severely damaged rings. Each ring restoration requires different process to get it back to its original beauty and sadly some get damaged beyond repair and need to be remade.


Once the decision was made to remake them, the rings underwent a series of steps to reach the final product and were passed through very experienced hands here at our workshop.

From being drawn on the computer in a 3D program to ensure the design stayed the same as possible, to being printed on our 3D printer, cast, hand assembled, set with Diamonds and polished.


The whole process took less than 15 working days, just in time for their wedding blessing. Although the new bridal set looks very similar, it was made to last with thicker bands. We have also replaced the cubics for round brilliant Diamonds.