Parti Sapphires are such amazing gems, where a fusion of yellow and blue colours form stunning variations in one gemstone. This occurrence is completely natural and impossible to be recreated in a laboratory. The other popular multi coloured gemstones are Ametrine and bi-colour Tourmalines.

Parti Sapphire name comes from the bi-colour nature of the stone which also reveals green as the third colour.
Sapphires are the hardest of all gemstones (Moh scale 9), which makes them the prefect gemstone for everyday jewellery, especially engagement rings.

Australian Parti Sapphires are our favourite. Many are ethically mined in Queensland, cut by local cutters and made into engagement rings by our talented jewellers  in our Brisbane jewellery boutique.



When designing your engagement ring, keep in mind that over time,  your Sapphire will scuff and may need to be re-polished. This could take several years of every day wear if you look after your ring but avoid heavy work while wearing it (like gym or gardening).

Many of our customers come to us with the idea of Parti Sapphire engagement ring and that is when we get to work to source the perfect gems for them to choose from. Some clients bring their own Sapphires and some have even mined the stone and had it cut, which makes it extra special.

Choosing a Parti Sapphire can be a lot of fun and due to their unique colours, it is nearly impossible to find two identical stones.  


The majority of Sapphires are generally cut as a faceted oval or round cut, so if you are after long rectangular cut like this engagement ring above, we would have that stone custom cut for you, like we did for this customer.

To get the best colour display in Parti Sapphires, the cutter must be highly experienced. When cutting Sapphires, sometimes nearly two thirds of the original weight is lost during the cutting process.



Like many Sapphires, Parti Sapphires can also be heat treated. The reason Sapphires are heat treated is to remove the impurities in the stone which appear like milky cloudiness through the stone.  Many Parti Sapphires found are naturally clean and do not need any treatment, therefore they are fully natural.  


At one point, over 70% of the world’s supply of Sapphire came from Australia.  These days the industry is mainly focused on hand fossicking, with only a few mechanized mines. The Parti Sapphire has always been mined along side of the more popular blue and yellow Sapphires, but in the last year Partie’s popularity is on all time high. Due to higher interest, the value of Parti Sapphires is climbing, especially natural untreated larger specimens with beautiful colours. 


Sapphires will dull off with dirt and hand creams and regular cleaning will keep them sparkling like new. The easiest way to keep your Sapphire ring clean at home, is to soak your ring in a cup of warm soapy water (few drops of dishwashing detergent and water) and once soaked for a few minutes, use a soft toothbrush to gently clean any build up of dirt.  Rinse off and wipe dry with a soft tissue and finish with a jeweller’s cloth we provide with our rings. 

We recommend to have your Sapphire ring serviced about once per year, as our pressure steam, sonic and polishing mops will make your ring look like new again. All Bentley De Lisle jewellery is cleaned for free, as often as you need. 



Our customers love

“She loved it”

I just wanted to say a big thanks to you both for all the help in designing and creating the perfect ring. She really loved it, especially the local Australian vibe to it.



I couldn’t be happier with the service and final result! From when I walked into the door until the ring was ready for pick up, the process was smooth and flawless. The craftsmanship was amazing as well. Highly recommended!! “



Hi David and team, just wanted to say thank you again for my beautiful ring. It has been on my finger for a week now and I love it. The parti stone you worked so hard to find for me is perfect. It fits beautifully and feels wonderful on. Thank you again.

Kylie and Robert