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These stones have been around for quite some time, but it wasn’t until recent years that they became popular and marketed for their uniqueness & also price point.

 They are especially popular in vintage style engagement rings for their ‘rustic’ antique-y feel.

People love that no stone is exactly alike – each with their own fingerprint; unlike typical white Diamonds which each fit particular parameters – yet these stones still have their pros & cons to consider before making your choice, much like any other.

Below we will discuss some of these unique traits that make these stones stand out from regular Diamonds.


What is a Salt and Pepper Diamond?

Just as the name sounds, Salt & Pepper Diamonds are known for their imperfections and unique flaws, with their inclusions coming in many different colours (most typically black and white).

These flaws & imperfections gives each stone a unique appearance as they are filled with white spots, black carbon spots, feathers, cracks, clouds and/or chips.

It is from their black & white inclusions that their name ‘salt and pepper’ derives from (white being salt, black being pepper).

In the past, these stones may have never made it on to the market as they were considered undesirable, but now they are Celebrated for their Uniqueness


Natural Imperfections

Natural White Diamonds are prized for how perfect the 4C’s are (colour, clarity, cut & carat), but not in the case of Salt & Pepper Diamonds!

These stones are loved for their imperfections, this is what makes them each so unique with no stone ever being the same as the next. The imperfections are made up of white spots, black carbon spots, feathers, cracks, clouds and/or chips which all add to their rustic/vintage feel.

Some stones are heavily included making them darker or more speckled in appearance, whilst others are visually cleaner. They can also come in a large array of colours from blacks through to browns, reds & yellows.

Types of Cut

Rather than grading the cut of these stones like a clean white Diamond, due to the heavy inclusions & marks, precision cutting is no longer important as the light is unable to refract through the stone like that of a natural white Diamond. 

Because light refraction is no longer of importance, this gives a cutter room to play with unique shapes.

Faceting on the other hand, is most popular in the rose cut but shape wise can come from anything round through to pear or fancy unique shapes.

How to look after Your Stone

Due to the heavy inclusions/marks/feathers etc. this means these stones are no longer as resistant to damage much like that of a clean White Diamond.

These natural marks and sometimes surface reaching inclusions, mean that being mindful of your stone is really important.

Taking your piece off before any heavy work/gym/gardening is really important not only for the longevity of your stone, but for your jewellery itself as well.

As long as you are aware of what you have and take precautions while wearing your piece, this will prolong it’s life.

Making sure you are covered by insurance such as Q Report, is also what we highly recommend so that you are covered for every scenario (accidental damage/loss/theft etc).

Choosing a Stone

David’s 30+ years in the industry has led to relationships with gem dealers in Australia and overseas sourcing directly some of the best Salt & Pepper Diamonds available.

We are able to order potential stones for you to look at and choose from when creating your special piece with us. No stone is is ever the same, so you will have lots of fun looking at all the varieties available.

Their vintage/rustic feeling tends to lends themself to being crafted in rose or white gold, but they can look just as amazing in yellow gold. Whatever design you settle on, you can be rest assured that these unique stones will look fabulous in their setting.


And If You Want More……..

Mystical Meaning

Salt & Pepper Diamonds are also known to symbolise uniqueness making it a perfect choice for those who love to be different.

Due to how heavily included they are, they are also known to stand for accepting people as they are/accepting people’s flaws.

This blog was written by Louise, our seniour design consultant.

If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you. You can also book your design session with Louise or David. 

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