What better precious stone to use in your engagement ring but Sapphire, which is the symbol of trust, loyalty and protection. Loved by the kings and queens over the centuries, Sapphires come in so many different colours, except for red of course, as the stone would be classified as a ruby. The most famous Sapphire was Princess Dianna’s 12 carat blue Sapphire engagement ring which was later given to Kate Middleton by Prince William.

Sapphire is our favourite choice of precious stone for custom made engagement rings, we craft right here in Brisbane.
We have featured many in this blog and we love their colour variances. We can source your Sapphire for you or like some of our previous clients, you can bring your own stone.

Due to their hardness (9 on Mohs scale) they are also the best choice after Diamond (hardness 10) in every day jewellery. If you love colour, together with their hardness, Sapphires is your number 1 choice. From white, yellow, peach, pink, purple, blue or green, you are bound to find the one!

Amazing gem available in nearly every colour of the rainbow



Blue Sapphires

When we talk about Sapphires in jewellery, most of us think of a blue Sapphire, which is by far most popular. Blue Sapphire engagement rings have been definitely most popular choice with guys ready to propose here in Brisbane, closely followed by Australian parti Sapphires and green Sapphires. 
Due to the structure to the rough material, Sapphires are mainly cut into oval or round shape. Trend set by Princess Di is still going very strong and Sapphires offer a great price point, compare to a Diamond. If you are thinking of investing into one carat Diamond, be prepared to pay at least double to Sapphire, depending on the quality of the stones of course. We love working with them and really enjoy sourcing them for our clients. 


Ceylon or Australian blue?

Ceylonese blue Sapphire has an incredible rich ocean blue colour, which is very hard to match by Australian Sapphire. Australian blue Sapphires tend to be darker, but good material has a beautiful deep blue colour. Good example is this Inverell Sapphire, mined and locally cut which compliments our vintage inspired ring just perfectly.
The quality of an average retail outlet Australian Sapphire will be very dark, nearly black and solid looking. These Sapphires are much easier to obtain and the price also reflect that.
If you are going to invest into a show piece Sapphire, shop around as there are many suppliers and only buy a stone which you absolutely fall in love with.

Yellow Sapphires

The best way to choose the perfect colour of yellow is to get your jeweller to show you several Sapphires from different origins, so you can compare them and put them against your skin to see if the intensity is what you are after. Once the stone is set, the colour can appear slightly different as setting yellow Sapphire in yellow gold can change the look as if the stone was set in white metal.  Australian stones often display green undertone, where Ceylonese are intense yellow to nearly orange. 

Many yellow Sapphires are heat treated, so if you are after completely natural yellow Sapphire, gemological certificate with that stone is a must.

Parti Sapphire

Our absolute favourite and most popular in 2018 out of all Sapphires we have worked with. Mined locally and mostly cut here as well, parti Sapphires are one stone which cannot be recreated in the laboratory due to their multiple colour combination in one stone.
Most parties as their name suggests will have the combination of yellow, blue and green and show off this gorgeous combination depending on how they have been cut and the predominance of a particular colour. 
The result is a spectacular stone, each unique and special.

Pink Sapphire

Pink Sapphires range from gorgeous soft baby pink, peach to vibrant hot pinks. The deeper the pink the higher the chromium content in the gem.  

Padparadscha (pictured) is the most desired pink Sapphire. Originally found is Sri Lanka, its name comes from Sinhalese padma radschen, meaning a lotus flower. True Padparadscha displays a delicate mixture of orange and pink. When choosing your pink Sapphire, always compare different shades of colour side by side and look at the gems in different light (indoor and natural outdoor light.)

When is Sapphire not right for me?

Sapphires like all precious and semi precious gemstones need a little more maintenance when it comes to cleaning. Most gemstones will loose their sparkle when dirt and hand creams build up under the stone. Regular cleaning at home will help keep your ring sparkle with few minutes of your time, once you feel that your gem is dulling off. Diamonds hold their shine much better and well cut diamonds will sparkle even if the setting is genuinely full of dirt due to their refraction.

We offer free clean for all jewellery crafted by us and you are welcome to bring your ring back to us as often as you like.
Like a car, rings also require yearly check and service, which helps us see the condition of your piece and if any stones are loose, we have a chance to tighten them before they fall out. Prevention is the key in long term jewellery care.

Sapphires can be worn every day, but unlike Diamonds they are little more fragile. It is important to understand that wearing your Sapphire to gym, doing heavy work or gardening could damage your gem. If you are prepared to give your ring little more TLC, then Sapphire will be the perfect choice for you. 



How to clean Sapphire engagement ring?

The easiest way to keep your Sapphire sparkling at home is in the video below. Sapphires will dull off with dirt and hand creams and regular clean will keep it sparkling.  
We recommend to have your Sapphire ring serviced about once per year, as our pressure steam, sonic and polishing mops will make your ring look like new again.

Can Sapphires scratch, chip or break?

Yes like most gemstones Sapphires will scuff over time and if mistreated, they can chip or even break. Over many years Sapphires may need to be re-polished to bring them back to their original shine. We have a local gem cutter and re-polishing is not a problem at all as you can see on the Sapphire above.

Are Sapphires and Rubies the same?

Sapphires and Rubies are from the same corundum family. Red corundum is considered a Ruby and any other colour is classed a Sapphire. Rubies get their colour from traces of chromium and are more valuable especially in larger sizes.   

How are Sapphires formed?

Sapphires were created inside the Earth’s surface over 150 million years ago due to pressure and extreme heat. Located over 9km underground, over many years, Sapphires have been exposed to humans due to weather conditions and environmental changes. 


“She loved it”

I just wanted to say a big thanks to you both for all the help in designing and creating the perfect ring. She really loved it, especially the local Australian vibe to it.



David’s experience and attention to detail was outstanding. Photos of our ring being made was very exciting and the completed job exceeded our expectations  “

Steve and Genevieve


“The sheer beauty, elegance, thoughtfulness but also superb individual jewellery manufacturing expertise has outdone anything I have ever come across.



“I just wanted to write and say thank you for doing such an amazing job with the clasp for my mum’s pearls. It was everything I imagined it to be and looks stunning.


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