From time to time we get customers coming to us with severely damaged rings. Each ring restoration requires different process to get it back to its original beauty and sadly some get damaged beyond repair and need to be remade.

This wedding band was accidentally ran over by a car but because of the thickness of the band, restoring it was not a problem.
The first step of this ring restoration is to anneal the metal to loosen any particles. All forms of metal harden and the ring could crack if being worked on without this vital step. The important part is to reach the correct temperature and all qualified jewellers know what colour change they are looking for in the metal.
The ring is then reshaped using steel round tapering mandrels and most deep scratches are filed and emery out, edges smoothed and reshaped. The final polish is given using three different grades of polishing compound to restore its original shine.

This ring kept few small battle scars as we couldn’t get every single mark out, but keeping the ring with sentimental value was more important and much cheaper option for our client, instead of buying a brand new wedding ring!


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