custom made jewellery

Custom made jewellery

David and his team have specialized in custom made jewellery for more than two decades. Assisting thousands of customers with their ideas and helping them achieve the design they love. From sourcing the perfect Diamonds and gemstones to creating the dream jewellery piece.

Our experienced team of designers, jewellers and setters will gladly assist you. We pride ourselves with excellent customer service from the initial consultation, the jewellery making process to the after care, our customers always come first.

Countless custom made jewellery pieces were made for many of our clients who are interstate. Thanks to the latest CAD/CAM technology, our customers can see their piece of jewellery in 3D before we commence custom making it.

To view examples of our work, please visit our Custom Made Gallery

jewellery remodelling

Jewellery Remodelling

Jewellery remodelling is becoming ever more popular. We all evolve and change with time and our taste in jewellery can change as well. Many of us have odd pieces of jewellery we don’t wear, missing earring, or inherited ring we don’t like, but has a sentimental value.

To get inspired, view some before and after examples of our work in our Remodelling gallery

We can source any Diamonds and gemstones if required for your new design, or have your gemstones re-cut or polished. The whole process of jewellery remodelling takes up to 15 working days. While you wait, we can keep you updated with each milestone. It makes the whole experience more exciting and special.

All jewellery is issued with a Certificate of authenticity (valuation). Additionally we offer in-house jewellery insurance through Q-Report which has world wide coverage.

jewellery alterations

Jewellery alterations

One of our services we offer is jewellery alterations.
Sometimes small changes to an existing piece of jewellery like re-polishing a gemstone, changing a style of the setting, or adding some Diamonds can bring back new spark the piece was lacking.

It is much cheaper option to remodelling and in some cases the jewellery just needs some TLC. When you bring your jewellery to us, we will examine the piece and suggest the best options and costs involved, so you can decide what is best suited for the piece and your budget.


Rhodium plating

White gold jewellery requires regular Rhodium plating to keep the metal flawlessly white. White gold is naturally grey and over time with everyday wear the Rhodium plating wears away and the grey colour of white gold is exposed.

We recommend getting your rings checked, cleaned, polished and Rhodium plated about once per year, depending how often you wear them and their condition. It gives the jeweller a chance to see any issues with your ring, like loose stones or lifted claws.

Before jewellery is plated, deep scratches are removed with a light emery and the piece is then polished in several stages. We keep the polishing to an absolute minimum with delicate rings. Ultrasonic clean follows with steam clean and then your piece is Rhodium plated.

This service is offered as a same day service depending on our workload, so please check with our staff first, if you require fast turnaround.


Jewellery repairs

All jewellery repairs are done on site. We offer same day jewellery repairs service, but please check with our staff first.
Some repairs are so complex that we may need more time or our workload doesn’t allow us to offer this service at times.
Our staff will be happy to assist you with any enquiry regarding jewellery repairs, as no job is too small.

With many years of experience in the trade and our past in the antique jewellery reproduction, we can restore most art deco or vintage jewellery pieces to their original beauty, depending on their condition.

Any jewellery which can no longer be restored due to its wear can be remade.


Jewellery cleaning and polishing

All jewellery loses its shine with everyday wear. To keep your jewellery looking its best we recommend professional jewellery cleaning and polishing about once per year, depending on the style of make and how often you wear it. Full circle Diamond set wedding bands should be checked every six to twelve months to prevent loss of stones.

The turnaround for jewellery cleaning service is usually 24 hours, but with a prior arrangement we can check and clean your jewellery while you wait.

Our setter will check for any loose stones and then our jewellers clean and polish your piece to its original shine. The final clean is in the ultrasonic followed by a steam clean to ensure every stone is sparking and like brand new.

If your piece requires any work, like damaged or worn claws, loose stones or cracks in your ring, we will notify you before we commence any work.

In the event of an accidental bump to your jewellery, we recommend our clients to stop wearing the piece and let our experienced jewellers check it over to make sure any of your claws on the setting aren’t loose. If your ring is catching on your clothes or you find any sharp claws, it means they have lifted and your stones may not be safe.


Q Report jewellery insurance

As your Q certified jeweller, we offer and highly recommend
Q Report jewellery insurance.

Q Report offers:

  • 12 months worldwide cover
  • Agreed value with up to 125% cover
  • Annual revaluation of your jewellery at no additional cost
  • $100 excess
  • The option to return to your jeweller in the case of a loss
  • Immediate cover before leaving your Q certified jeweller

q report jewellery insurance

Certificate of Authenticity

All Bentley De Lisle jewellery is issued with a Certificate of Authenticity. This certificate will state all details about your purchased jewellery including the dimensions, weight, stone sizes, stone quality and retail replacement value for insurance purposes.

We also offer a full in-house jewellery insurance through Australian jewellery insurer Q Report which has worldwide coverage. Q Report guaranties that you can return to your original jeweller, so we will be assisting you with replacing your precious piece, if you suffer any loss or damage.


gift vouchers

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers make the perfect gift and can be used for purchases online, in store or towards a service we provide like custom made jewellery, remodelling or alteration.

Our gift vouchers can be conveniently purchased online or in store. The process is very simple. Choose your own amount (we have no minimum limit), write a personal message and email will be sent to your loved one with a unique code they will use to redeem the voucher after making a purchase.

Alternatively if you prefer printed version, we can post the gift voucher to your address or you can arrange with us for the gift voucher to be posted on your behalf to your loved one.