Jewellery Remodelling

Browse through our before and after images and get inspired or come and visit us to recycle your unwanted jewellery into a brand new masterpiece!

Prior to your consultation

Before your obligation free consultation, it is worthwhile to do a little treasure hunt and bring every bit of jewellery you no longer wear.
Any gold unsuitable for remodeling can be traded off the invoice and will later be recycled.

Our jewellers have many years of experience and will give you an honest opinion.

The jewellery remodelling process

Our brand new boutique has a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.
We love sitting down with our customers over a cup of coffee designing their brand new jewellery.

Your Gemstones and Diamonds

Our jeweller will have a close look at the condition of your gemstones and diamonds. Many old pieces have scuffed or chipped stones, and we can have them re-polished by our cutter. Skilled Gem cutter can bring the dullest looking stone to a shiny brand new looking gem.
Doing this work also adds value to the new piece and we recommend it.

Re-cutting diamonds is much more specialised and we do not offer this service at this point. There are a few design tricks we can use to hide a chip on your diamond. It will also depend on the extent of the damage and the design the stone is used for.

A small chip on your old diamond can be placed under a claw when setting the stone to make the damage less obvious. Using a diamond with small damage in your new jewellery will affect the jewellery valuation. Sometimes, the sentimental value of the diamond is more important than the replacement and you decide what matters more to you.


Once you decide on the new design, we will present you with a quote to remake your jewellery. If your design requires additional gemstones or diamonds, we can source those for you.

The whole process of jewellery remodelling takes about 15 working days. While you wait, we can keep you updated with each milestone.
It makes the whole experience more exciting and special.

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Over the years we have remodeled countless bridal sets, engagement rings and old family heirlooms and we would love to assist you. Our appointments have no time limit and are obligation free.

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